Aloha Friends!

My name is Marina aka Mari. I have had a passion for Barbering ever since I got out of the dental field about 5 years ago. Dental didn’t end up being my career path like I thought it would be, but looking on the bright side of things I learned a lot of knowledge and it was good experience. I really wanted to dig deeper to find what I could do on a daily basis to let my creativity flow, and have artistic freedom. Barbering was my savior! I continued working in dental while going to school, I took one barbering class that inspired me so much that a light bulb finally went off and realized this was my calling! The fact that I get to make people feel great on a daily basis from just a simple (FRESH) cut is so gratifying. I get to meet some amazing people from all walks of life learning about them and their unique story and just vibing with that positive energy.

When I’m not Barbering I am either Surfing in Maui or DANCING! I have been dancing for about 6 years now. So you’ll either find me doing showcases in the Bay, going to practice, dance battles or just cyphering with friends (peep the video below.) Just like Barbering, Dancing is another creative outlet and therapy where I can be free and have fun grooving to the music and telling my story and connecting with friends or strangers on a spiritual level. The Bay Area dance scene is soo special to me, because its where I have met some of the dopest teachers, friends, to the Pioneers and OGs of the dance world. The styles I fell in love with are 90s Hip Hop and Locking. Hence, how I came up with the name FRESH by Mari. I’m still EMBRACE in the 90s , because come on it was GOLDEN ERA FOR A REASON (music, style, etc) Don’t get me wrong I love my Motown music just as much as my 90s Hip Hop ;)

Fresh can have many meanings for many people so I came up with this little acronym that I use for myself and hope others can use too, because without ALL of these things I would have never found what I love to do. If I didn't reflect on my life, educate myself and what I had to do to get to the next level, continue to soul search and find what it is that makes my soul happy, staying fearless in starting out in a brand new career not knowing where I want to go and not giving up, but most importantly staying humble throughout the whole process! And maybe this can help inspire whoever is reading this to do the same in their life no matter what journey they are on, because NOW my dream of Barbering has become my reality, and I wouldn't change it for the world!


F- Fearless

R- Reflecting on life

E- Educating yourself

S- Soul Searching

H- Humble

I look forward to meeting and hearing about my clients and their stories and vibing with them on a positive level!!





Hip Hop is suppose to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change
— Dougie Fresh